Engineering Drafting Tool Vintage Retro USSR 1939 1940

Vintage USSR 1940 Engineering Drafting Tool. In the original box with a spare transparent ruler. In very good condition with no signs of wear and corrosion. The device is piece and quite rare. Directly, this device was used at a defense enterprise in a design bureau by a design engineer for drawing parallel lines at […]


6x IN-14 IN14 nixie tubes digit neon indicators NOS

The tubes is NOS and tested 6 pcs. Tube diameter, mm 18. Pinout circle diameter, mm 14. Tube Height, mm 55, approx including glass nipple. Digit Height, mm 17. Digit Width, mm 10. Lead length, mm 35. Lead diameter, mm 0.42. Normal anode voltage, V +170. Rated current, mA 2.5. The item “6x IN-14 IN14 […]