Soviet Uni-Vibe SPEKTR Phaser Crazy RARE vintage USSR guitar pedal’70s

CRAZY RARE soviet pedal from 70s – Spektr PHASER. The unit is professionally serviced, tested & perfect working condition. 1/4 TRS and 9v power jacks installed. This pedal really does sound like a UNI-VIBE pedal. It’s also sounds decent with keyboards or any other electronic instruments. Knobs and bottom side of the pedal isn’t original. […]


Pair Lomo Kinap 1a20 1a-20 Rare Vintage Ussr Soviet High Frequency Drivers 3

LOMO enterprise is well-known in Russia and abroad as the largest Russian company involved in production and sales of optic-mechanical and optic-electronical devices. LOMO manufactures a wide range of products: microscopes, endoscopes, spotting scopes – telescopes and night vision devices, cameras and sound systems. The most popular cameras “LOMO-Compact” are widely used all over the […]