1940’s RARE Kirovskie K-43 pocket watch chronograph Right time (Vernoe Vremia)

1940’s EXTRA RARE Kirovskie K-43 pocket watch mechanical chronograph Right time (Vernoe Vremia). Made in USSR (Soviet, Russian,). It would be great find for any collector. Very good condition for it’s age. It has small traces of use. Please see the photos for the assessment of watches. Runs well and keeps time. Chronograph functions work […]


Russian USSR Protective Suit L-1 Chemical NBC Waterproof Army

Brand new Soviet costume L-1. Available in sizes 1 and 2. L-1-light protective suit, designed for use as a universal special clothing for personnel, when protecting human skin, clothing and shoes from the effects of solid, liquid, droplet-aerosol toxic substances, suspensions, aerosols, harmful biological factors and radioactive dust. It is used in areas infected with […]