Russian USSR Protective Suit L-1 Chemical NBC Waterproof Army

Brand new Soviet costume L-1. Available in sizes 1 and 2. L-1-light protective suit, designed for use as a universal special clothing for personnel, when protecting human skin, clothing and shoes from the effects of solid, liquid, droplet-aerosol toxic substances, suspensions, aerosols, harmful biological factors and radioactive dust. It is used in areas infected with […]


Russian Soviet USSR Earrings Solid Rose 14k 583/585 Gold

Rose Solid 14K 585 Gold Earrings Stamped with Star , Hammer &Sickle (former CCCP stamp) Photo 1. Total Weight 2.26 gramms Photo 2. Total weight 2.42 grams Photo 3. 3.43grams Length 20 mm The price in the listing for the first pair! There are other earrings similar to this model available. Look at the photos. […]


Russian Soviet ussr mail Post Box statutory emblem metal

Russian Soviet Post Box. Time of the creation: 1960-80s y. Size: 36x28x22 cm (14x11x8 1/2 in). Weight:4460g (9lb 14oz). All exposed items are original and pertain to USSR period. There are no modern replica and no imitations in the listing of “antique_ua”. The item “Russian Soviet ussr mail Post Box statutory emblem metal” is in […]