1927 USSR Soviet Union Socialist USSR Russian Communist 1/2 KOPEK Coin i56483

Item: i56483 Authentic Coin of. Russia under the USSR 1927 Copper 1/2 Kopek 16mm (1.62 grams) Reference: Y# 79 KOE K 1927. Proleteriat of all Countries, Unite! The Soviet Union , officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Russian. Sojuz Sovetskich Socialistieskich Respublik ;, abbreviated to USSR Russian. SSSR , was a socialist state on […]


Pocket watch Zlatoust Factory ZChZ 15 jew USSR Soviet Union Russian

We are pleased to offer here. Original Soviet Russian Pocket watch Zlatoust Factory (ZChZ). Made in the USSR (Soviet Union). The fall of 1941 from Moscow to Zlatoust was evacuated “first State Watch Factory” Kirov. In late November began installation of the equipment. And December 25, 1941 was the first products – parts to ammunition. […]


Vintage PHONE 1970 BUNKER MINE Soviet Union Russian USSR

We are pleased to offer here. Soviet Union bunker mine. RSFR Western Ural plant SNH. Made in Soviet Union 1970. The weight approx more than 7,2 kilograms. I sell this item in the condition as it is. For the museum, for film studio, for collection, for interior decoration. Claim on this item will not be […]