WW2 General Parade Uniform Russian Soviet Union (Victory Parade) Repo

WW2 General Parade Uniform USSR Russian Soviet Union (Victory Parade) in spun gold Replica. Double-breasted dress uniform for generals of the Red Army of 1945 type, Replica. Trousers for socks in boots for the Generals of the Red Army of 1945 type, Replica. Cap of the Red Army General m1945 “Victory Parade”, Replica. Shoulder-straps General-major […]


Soviet Union USSR Size XXL Green Major General Parade Military Uniform

The Soviet Union Army Major-General’s Parade Dress Uniform Kit. Jacket, Shirt (White), Neck Tie (black), Service Visor Cap. Dark Green cotton jacket has a basic style (main change over years the lapel design)and color (originally called Turquoise) was first introduced for Soviet Union Forces issued 1955. Matching dark Green and red General’s piped cavalry style […]


USSR General Major Uniform Tunic Fifties sixties Soviet Union

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome! Original ussr military tunic of the soviet general The end of the sixties! Shoulders – 47. Sleeve – 67. Length – 79 c. Inches Tunic has a damage from mole on the right side and on the sleeves See the picture, please, and. The item “USSR General Major Uniform Tunic […]


Marshal Parade Uniform USSR Russian Soviet Union, M1969, Replica

Marshal Parade Uniform USSR Russian Soviet Union, M1969, Replica. Marshal Parade tunic – Soviet wool mixture. Marshal Parade trousers -Soviet wool mixture. Marshal shoulder straps. The product is manufactured according to the sizes provided by the customer. The item “Marshal Parade Uniform USSR Russian Soviet Union, M1969, Replica” is in sale since Friday, January 31, […]