HUGE Yorgia RARE Precambrian Ediacaran (Vendian) proarticulata fossil

Yorgia waggoneri (Ivantsov, 1999). Authentic late Ediacaran (Vendian) specimen. HUGE Yorgia waggoneri (Ivantsov, 1999). Ediacaran period (635-541 MA). The accurate locality is unknown. Sizes: body contour length about 12,0cm 4,72 inch. , body contour width about 11,0cm 4,33 inch. 5% (several crack and right end body area, see red lines). The item “HUGE Yorgia RARE […]


HUGE Russian world atlas ATLAS MIRA / 1954 Soviet Union USSR

Very large format world atlas in Russian. 51x34cm, plus separate directory of place names, 30x23cm, plus separate key to maps. See detailed description of condition, above. Full-colour maps, including many single- and double-fold-out pages. Please contact me if you have any questions. Please see my other listings, and ask if you have any specific wants. […]