Soviet High-Altitude Helmet -6 Pilots MiG-25 & MiG-31 USSR Documents

6 Germoshlem ensures the pilot’s vital activity during high-altitude flights and protects against aerodynamic loads during ejection. Application height up to 40.000 meters. Such helmets were used primarily on high-altitude interceptors, such as the MiG-25 and MiG-31, but were also popular among test pilots who worked with modifications of other domestic aircraft. This helmet was […]


Switchboard Phone Railroad Telephone Vintage

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100pcs 1T308B. /2N2048,1308/. BOX. Germanium transistor. USSR

Transistors 1T308B germanium diffusion-alloy structures p-n-p universal. Designed for use in auto generators, power amplifiers, and pulse devices. Main technical characteristics of the 1t308b transistor. RC max – constant collector power dissipation: 150 mW. FGR-the Maximum frequency of the transistor current transfer coefficient for circuits with a common emitter and a common base: at least […]


100pcs. 1T308V. 2N2048,1308/Germanium transistor. USSR

1T308V Transistors 1t308v germanium diffusion-alloy structures p-n-p universal. Designed for use in oscillators, power amplifiers, pulse devices. Available in a metal-glass housing with flexible terminals. The type of device is indicated on the body. The mass of the transistor is not more than 2.2 g. Main technical characteristics of the transistor 1308V: Structure: p-n-p RC […]