Russian Soviet Lenin USSR Coat of Arms jubilee flag banner 60 Years October

Russian Soviet embroidered details All Workers Worldwide Unite USSR Coat of Arms and Lenin velvet flag, To the winner of the all -Soviet Union socialist competition dedicated 60Years of Soviet Power, Slavjansk(Town in Donetsk Region near Bakhmut former Artemovsk) Party Comitee, 52X60(135X160cm), nice piece of history, work of art and rare flag. All items offered […]


Flag of Russia Soviet Union Flag Delivered from Kherson

Huge flag delivered from Kerson city after liberation in November 2022. Sizes are in the pictures. We could not take a picture fully because of a big size. Please, ask for details about shape or sizes, what is written etc, if you need. Watch other captured war trophies in my store, subscribe and get more.