1996 RUSSIA Russian Fleet BATTLE OF SINOP Nakhimov Proof Silver 25Rb Coin i86515

Item: i86515 Authentic Coin of. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Historical Series: The 300th Anniversary of the Russian Fleet 1996 Proof Silver 25 Roubles 60mm (173.29 grams) 0.900 Silver 5.0143 oz. ASW Reference: Y# 542 25?????? 1996? . ????????? , Emblem of Russian bank: two-headed eagle. 300-?????????????????????? . ??????????????????????? – 1853? . Coin Notes: During […]


Russia? Sc. 1624-7. Zv. 1593-6. Stalin constitution. MNHOG. CV$150

Credit or debit card through merchant account. Other methods on request. ????????????????????????? . ??????????????????????????? (?????????????). ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? . (Mint never hinged): stamps with original gum (OG), undamaged/ disturbed by hinge. (Mint hinged): stamps with original gum previously hinged, undamaged/ disturbed by hinge. Mint – mint with gum (or w/o gum if issued as such) and with […]


Russia 1958 Commemorative Laika Space Dog Post Card Postally Used

The country of issue, Catalog number (Scott is used unless indicated) and condition (including hinging) are all in the item title. If additional information is needed it will be included above this paragraph. The stamps are in fine to very fine or better condition. Hinging or other damage is always noted. Please assume no damage […]